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No. 3, Lin 30, Heng Fong Chun Tayuan Hsiang, Tao Yuan 337 Taiwan.
We know what POWER means.

Established in 1995

CECTEK, one of the largest Taiwan-based manufacturer of All Terrain Vehicles and different displacement of engines in the automobile industry, have founded since in 1995. CECTEK specialize in designing and manufacture high performance of ATVs for all users. As a leading group of automobile industry in Taiwan, CECTEK bring our products to the whole new level of its class by proudly present our original design ATV to the world with different thinking, instead of going with the flow. Over these years, CECTEK have had a strong global presence by branding CECTEK with high-end ATV and genuine parts with our allies. CECTEK have been slowly but Steadily increasing our footprints across Russia, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, Czech, Australia, UAE, Lebanon, Vanuatu, and home base, Taiwan.


Four-way drive selector system

Our next generation ATVs have been equipped with not only rugged power but also user friendly operation, Drive Selection system (FDS) provide you a perfect balance among extreme maneuver and stability. CECTEK develop Liquid cooled engine equipped with close loop electronics fuel injection (EFI) system provides the efficient, smooth, and reliable power for taking any job. Cast-in-liner provides better lubrication, high strength structure for cylinder and lighter weight. Plain bearing applied for crankshaft, provide compact space requirement and higher loading capacity, better than ball bearing. The special-design cylinder head is shorter than usual type, with the integrated cylinder block into crankcase can let center of gravity lower. High performance transmission. FDS (Four-way drive selector system) with lockable differential function can help the driver enables to overcome the obstacle.

Ultra-secure Chassis System

UCS (Ultra-secure Chassis System) is special-design structure for the toughest European terrain. This type of body structure is more rigid and safe, even can be used for racing. Fully independent four-wheel suspension system with preload-adjustable shocks can be suitable at rough terrain and maintain superior handling. Excellent chassis performance with comfortable seating, controllable steering and better suspension travel (adequate to rough terrain) makes the rider almost feels like driving a high performance vehicle.


never-end development

CECTEK understands the environmental aspect and commits to execute user-friendly technology in the future. Packed with great performance (close-loop EFI) and fuel efficiency, CECTEK is working continuously to develop hybrid engine as well as electric power for the environment to be a better placer.


It is built to be multi-purpose. Capable of heavy-duty work with class-leading powerful engine. With front and rear locking differentials that takes you to everywhere on the planet and leave others behind.


Groundbreaking design without compromise and high quality components. It’s uniqe layout will definitely impress your senses.


GLADIATOR is equipped with front/rear LSD. GLADIATOR brings you the highest pleasure and excellent handling experience.


GLADIATOR is built to be multi-purpose. Capable of heavy-duty work with class-leading powerful engine. With front and rear locking differentials that takes you to everywhere on the planet and leave others behind.


It is your best companion to explore the limits of the terrain, special tuned engine performance speeds up your heart rate and driving pleasure.


Technology and futuristic design makes it sharp in the exterior. KINGCOBRA is just like a real-life transformer built for realizing your ideal life/vision.


KINGCOBRA has superior chassis design with four-wheel independent suspension and brake comparing to others at same level. KINGCOBRA is tough in the toughest off-road terrain. Reveal the scenes where no one ever experienced.


The most powerful engines model compare to others at same level. Special tuned engine performance makes it a perfect companion for adventures.


Take your loved one and set off on a journey with quadrift in and out of the city, and to the countryside. Or simply be an ideal everyday practicality. While four wheels can bring you more pleasure and remain same easy control, why choose two?